Empowering Business Growth from Ideation to Problem Resolution

Co-Creation: Building Remarkable Digital Experiences Together.

We are a group of professionals in the digital field who harness the power of design and technology. Our expertise lies in providing DX support to clients and solving various business challenges.We go beyond simply executing client requests; we strive to ideate and design from scratch for all aspects of our clients’ business challenges. By continuously questioning the essence of the problems and making them our own, we aim to create faster and more effective solutions as trusted partners to our clients.
That is the essence of our organization.


Everyone be Protagonist.

Defining a place where everyone can thrive
Creating business. Nurturing people. Establishing the new normal for society. In doing so, we generate numerous environments where individuals can utilize their strength and areas of expertise. Defining “success” in a way that each person can decide and choose for themselves. Our vision is to create more and more essential spaces to achieves this.

Create Structure.

Creating social structures centered on technology
Digital technology was not part of the social structure of the past. In the social structure of the future, technology will be essential. It is not enough to have a superficial knowledge; people who truly understand technology will be able to create the right things in the right way, filling the world with what is right. Our mission is to create social structures in the right way, both from within and through cooperation with external partners.

Defining a place where everyone can thrive

Action and Execution

A culture that celebrates action rather than finding reasons for failure. 

Capture the Essence

Doing the work by grasping the underlying essence.

Be Professional

Be a professional who strive to achieve beyond expectations.


Time is precious and quality.


Sense of ownership.

About Us
Location Level 18, Jalan Sultan Ismail 50250 Kuala Lumpur
CEO Ryosuke Fujihara
Established April 2023
Business Digital Transformation Web & Mobile App Development UI/UX Design Service Design, Development, Implementation Salesforce Integration Development & Consulting